This Texas bar owner has had enough of fornicators breaking the sink at the popular Charlie's Star Lounge in Dallas.

Now, one of Charlie's co-owners is advising people to quit doing it on the sink of the restroom! In a Facebook post, Allen Falkner had one simple message: quit f*cking!

Can you believe that in the span of three years, two sinks have already been broken from people doing it?! As you can see, Falkner even gave some suggestions as to where you can instead get it on; behind the dumpster. Classy.

Many agreed with Falkner:


I couldn't help but wonder- just how appealing is the restroom at Charlie's that people want to do it there?!

Alexander Grigoryev via Unsplash
Alexander Grigoryev via Unsplash

While the post started out lightheartedly- many were being super helpful with suggestions such as putting nails on the sink- but that idea was quickly squashed after it was suggested that some may be into that!

It really shouldn't come as surprise though; I've definitely had my fair share of encountering people doing it in the most unlikely places when I've been out at bars. I remember being amazed at how flexible people can get in that situation!

However, it does become increasingly frustrating when there's only one restroom and you have to wait while the couple in the restroom finish up- and I hate to be a party pooper, but I have to agree with Mr. Falkner, quit doing it in the restrooms at bars! Sincerely, a girl who just has to pee!

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