Political tensions are building as the presidential election nears, so much so that they are now affecting a bakery in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Margie's Bakery and Deli recently went viral for selling cookies decorated with red frosting and the word "MAGA" on them. MAGA, of course, stands for "Make America Great Again", the slogan adopted by supporters of former President Donald J. Trump.

Margie's posted the cookies on Facebook- but quickly had to take the post down after they began to receive backlash.

However, the cookies seemed good for business, because general manager Andrew Morro says that Margie's has sold over 13,000 of the cookies.

Morrow told KXAN they were just fulfilling orders, the MAGA cookies were in high demand. However, they soon began getting terrible online reviews and decided to maybe make a cookie for the other side of the political aisle. Then came the BBB cookies; which stand for "Build Back Better"- the slogan that has been adopted by President Biden for this election run.

To put a fun twist on it, at Margie's, BBB stands for "Build Bakeries Better".

They now offer both cookies; the MAGA cookies stand for "Make mArgie's Great Again".

Morrow says that going political was never what they intended with the cookies:

Political intent was never in our minds from the get-go. But somehow, we got bullied and pushed into a political category. And we have noticed by simply embracing it rather than fighting it, it has helped us thrive.

Morrow says they still receive complaints, but the community still loves and supports them.

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