Yikes! This is why Texas is ranked 40 in education!

Another State Fair of Texas has come and gone- all that’s left are the memories- and possibly the indigestion and heartburn from all the great food. One of the memories, though, is kind of painful to look at.

When guests, Texans and non-Texans alike, entered the State Fair of Texas, they were greeted not only by Big Tex but also by one glaring error on a big sign that has everyone on Reddit having a field day!

The sign in question was apparently located at an entrance where everyone was sure to see it- and, of course, one Reddit user made sure to snap a pic of it, check it out below!

Sign at State Fair of Texas . When you are #38 in Education
byu/Funwiwu2 inDallas

The message is clear- the State Fair of Texas was clearly excited to have you all attend, so excited that they forgot which "your" to use- clearly they meant to use "you're".

Everybody makes mistakes, right? Believe me, I would know! All you wonderful readers never fail to correct me when I make an error in my spelling!

Over on Reddit, many were surprised that the sign even got to see the light of day; I as well as the Reddit users assume that the sign would have to have gone through different levels of approval before it made it to the fair grounds. Someone had to approve that!

But as someone in the comments pointed out- who goes to the State Fair of Texas for perfect grammar? You go for the food! According to the Dallas Observer, the error was eventually spotted by someone working the fair because at some point it was removed.

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Gallery Credit: Tommy Paradise, Townsquare Media, State Fair of Texas, Canva

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