When people think of bands from El Paso, Texas; without a doubt At The Drive-In & The Mars Volta rank highly in the echelon of our local music scene. Cedric Bixler-Zavala & Omar-Rodriguez Lopez are two of the main driving forces for both bands & they have huge fan bases from all over the world. And if you go on Instagram, one page is entirely dedicated to showing HOW good these two artists are.

You can find plenty of At The Drive-In & The Mars Volta footage on this IG page

When you're looking for historic footage of Cedric & Omar, as well as The Mars Volta & ATDI, there are two sources you'll find amazing footage: The Marble Shrine, a website entirely dedicated to preserving live footage from their concerts (dating all the way from 1991) & the Stabbing Museum Instagram page.

Oh and you'll find plenty of memes too; there's no shortage on Stabbing Museum.

The page is ran by a person named Ezra; who told me that the sole purpose of the page is simply...well... they're a huge fan of their music!

The reason why I started this page is because I watched so many Volta live shows on YouTube and I wanted to give credits to everyone who works hard at filming during shows and for people to be able to see the old concerts in a more modern way through Instagram! I didn’t think the page would blow up but it started doing crazy numbers and I ended up taking on the job of posting anything Omar, Cedric, and Teri related! My passion for their music started when I heard "Agadez" in high school and I never heard anything else like it before! I checked out Bedlam, it’s still my favorite album, and then I went through their entire discography! Just trying to find anything they made because I’m so drawn to their sound! It’s hard managing the page with a job but I love looking at just how many Volta heads there are! - Ezra, Stabbing Museum


It's great seeing these 2 El Paso legends get shown so much love online; this shows the everlasting effects that our music scene has had on people. And I know that both Cedric & Omar feel that same way too...

I hope to see more pages dedicated to MORE El Paso artists in the future; let's continue to show the world what else we can do!

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