Texas loves Spec's- who wouldn't? Spec's has been a Texas family owned chain for years and their selection is wide and sometimes, they surprise you with some unique products!

Texans also love pecan pie, and this pie that comes directly from Spec's will definitely be the star of your next holiday gathering! Why? Not only is it handmade and filled with pecans with real butter and real maple extract- it also has Crown Royal Whisky!

With pie season in full swing- you'll definitely want to snag one of these babies!

Pies are usually a good gift, but I think that if you get one of these for gifts, then you should probably get one for yourself too!

The pies sell for $19.62- and they also offer a case of 24 for a whopping $470.88! That's a lot of pie but I feel like in my huge family, it would be worth it!

Everyone who has already tried it gives it great reviews, and what better way to wash it down than with some Crown Royal?

Pecan pie just happens to be the favorite in Texas, so much so that it was named the Lone Star State's official dessert in 2013; it's also the official nut of Texas and the official state tree! So, yeah, these will probably go by fast!

You can purchase the pie online here, or if you're in El Paso, you can get them at the Mesa Spec's- at least that was the only location where they have been spotted so far!

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