I am absolutely NOT making this up. Things are bigger in Texas ... they can also be weirder.

A lady in Sillsbee, Texas, recently set out to mow her lawn. Not a big deal really, until nature attacks.

While aboard her tractor, the 60 year old lady suddenly found herself in a life and death battle with 2 creatures not really known for hanging out together.

Again, I swear, I'm not messing around ... this really happened. Seriously, watch the video.

Peggy Jones, (Could you find a more Texas name? Please tell me her hubby's name is Hank and they have a son named Bobby.), was mowing her yard and minding her own business.

Her day suddenly took a wild turn when a snake fell from the clear blue sky and wrapped itself around the freaked out lady's arm. Then things got worse ...

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A hawk suddenly appeared and began scratching Peggy with its long talons and pecking at her with its super sharp beak.

Look at her arm in the video up above if you have the stomach for that sort of stuff. Yeesh.

As the snake, estimated to be at least 4 feet long, wrapped itself around her arm, a brown and white hawk clawed Jones' arm as it tried to also pry the reptile away. While attacking her, the snake also kept spitting liquids Jones suspects may have been venom.

"I was just saying, ‘Jesus, please help me. Help me Jesus,’" Jones said. - fox7austin

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Can you imagine? I feel so sorry for this lady and I don't even know her.

I guess the hawk already caught the snake and dropped it. Not wanting to tell his wife he lost dinner, he went after it and no pesky human was going to stop him. Crazy.

On top of this, two years ago, Peggy was bitten by a venomous snake. I'd say Peggy needs to get a yard man and take up some indoor activities.

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