The world lost the iconic lead singer of Smash Mouth, Steve Harwell at the age of 56 due to acute liver failure. Anyone who grew up in the late 90s & early 2000s knew their songs "Walkin' on the Sun" & "All Star". And the people of El Paso certainly remember seeing Smash Mouth live & the energy they brought every time. In fact...we got to see them a total of 3 times in El Paso, each time with Steve singing on lead.

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Smash Mouth performed in El Paso in 2006.

The very first time Smash Mouth came here was almost 20 years: September 3rd, 2006. Setlist.FM says it was an "unknown venue", however, thanks to a YouTube user "romonzillo", we can confirm that their very first show was at Club 101. And yes they did play All Star.

The next Smash Mouth concert in El Paso was 7 years in 2013

The show would be at a much bigger venue for the band; Smash Mouth would perform during the Fourth of July in 2013 at the Socorro Entertainment Center. They came along some other great 90s acts like Gin Blossoms, Fastball & Vertical Horizon.

Thanks to various YouTuber users, you can find a lot of footage from this concert.

Smash Mouth's final concert was at El Paso's Cohen Stadium in 2016.

Sadly there's not much footage of Smash Mouth's last concert during Music Under the Stars festival at Cohen Stadium back on June 26th. But thankfully there IS.

There was even a video posted on Facebook where Steve gave a heartfelt message to all the El Paso fans there. The video ends with Steve saying "We love you guys...we really do".

Well Steve... El Paso loves you too. Always will man.

Rock in Peace Steve Harwell. Say hi to the greats for us...

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