Texas has 683,533 miles worth of pavement crisscrossing the state. One stretch is part of the only highway I know of with its own legend.

The longest highway in the state takes about 11 hours to drive end to end while the shortest one isn't even a mile long.

The legendary Route 66, aka the "Mother Road" and "America's Main Street", officially opened in 1926. 2,400 miles long, it covers 2/3's of the country from Chicago to L.A.

The traffic along Route 66 also resulted in the opening of many mom-and-pop establishments, such as restaurants, motels, and gas stations, along the route to service the needs of passing motorists. Route 66 captured the imagination of generations of Americans like no motor highway did before ... - fhwa.gov

Cool, Historic And Weird Things Along Route 66 In Texas

Some of the odd stuff you'll find along Route 66 where it goes through Texas.

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It crosses Texas at it's skinniest point, in the panhandle, so we only had about 178 miles worth to begin with.

Following its decommissioning in '85, parts of it were bypassed, demolished or left to deteriorate. (Although some parts were reactivated.)

Now, in Texas, only 150 miles remain in use. Within that 150 miles though are some very cool, uniquely Texas things. Like ...

The Tower Station and U Drop Inn Cafe.

Cool, old school place that was one of the inspirations for Disney's "Cars".

Devil's Rope Museum.

Feel like you don't know enough about barbed wire?

You'll know EVERYTHING about the "wire that won the west" after a visit here.

Palo Duro Canyon

The "Grand Canyon of Texas", Palo Duro Canyon State Park offers lots to see and do.

Hiking, biking, "glamping", horseback riding and more.

Along with, of course, checking out the canyon itself.

Cadillac Ranch

10 Cadillacs, half buried and totally spray painted.

I have no idea why ...

Big Azz Steaks

A free 72oz steak ... if you can polish it, and the sides, off in an hour.

Otherwise, it's $72.00.

Tee Pee RV Park

Said to be the inspiration for the Cozy Cone Motel in "Cars".

Another "Cars" connection?

That's enough for me right there ...

This Is The Largest Swimming Pool In Texas ...

Check Out The Lagoon At Windsong Ranch In Texas

"The Lagoon" At Windsong Ranch

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See One Of The World's Holiest Places - Sanutario De Chimayo

Sanutario De Chimayo

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