You could make anywhere from over $100K to almost $400,000 per year with these "work from home" jobs currently available in Texas.

Ever since the COVID 19 pandemic, working from home has been a goal for pretty much everyone, especially among Texans. We value our independence highly.

One good thing that came out of the pandemic was us learning what we could do remotely and how unimportant offices and other workplaces could really be.

Working remotely isn't an option for everybody. Doctors need hospitals, TXDoT needs roads, Walmart receipt checkers need a Walmart, (you can ignore them by the way), etc, etc.

Many jobs can be done though, quite well, by peeps chilling at home in their underwear while petting the dog, watching the kids or day drinking.

Ok, that last one may be more of a radio DJ thing. Politicians too, probably. Seriously though, the ability to work from home opens up a lot of possibilities.

From starting a new career at a business located in another city, (or country), to just picking up a few extra bucks at home in the evening, hybrid jobs are everywhere.

These jobs will bring you more than just a few extra bucks. In fact, this one could put you close to half 'a mil at $377,000 annually. Not to shabby, huh??

November Jobs Report Shows Pace Of New Jobs Decreasing Slightly
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The low end job on the list I found offered over $100K, ($121,000 to be exact), and there were others spanning the gap between that one and the $377K gig.

While they may not all command 6 figures, if you really want to work from home, you'll find lots more opportunities at

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