You wouldn't think you can find many places to fish around El Paso, Texas, since we're deep within the desert. But you can find many great places to fish in the city & around El Paso County. Now of course there are no giant bodies of water like ones you'd find in coastal states, but there are still many popular spots to work on your casting & we have a couple for you to check out.

One of the most popular spots is El Paso's Ascarate Park

Yes it's definitely one of El Paso's favorite spots for a reason; not only is it an amazing park, but Ascarte Park is an amazing place for trout & bass fishing.

Rio Bosque Park

Yes El Paso has wetlands; the Rio Bosque Park is nearby along the banks of the Rio Grande River. It's also VERY close to the Border too.

The Rio Grande River

Yes you ARE allowed to fish in the Rio Grande; but you need a special permit below you take your fishing gear to the river.

HideAways Lakes in Tornillo, Texas

Located just outside of El Paso in Tornillo, Texas lies the HideAway Lakes on 20510 Alameda Ave. There are many lakes & places to park RVs too in case you want to camp out there for the night.

Hideaway Lakes
Hideaway Lakes

In nearby New Mexico, there are more lakes for El Pasoans to enjoy

For example Caballo Lake, Lake Carlsbad, & Brantley Lake State Park are popular spots for a quick drive to do some fishing outside of El Paso. Elephant Butte Lake is another popular choice; it's about a 2 hour drive however so it's best to leave early if you want to make it out there.

For me, I've never gone fishing but after talking to a few friends of mine who HAVE, I might just have to plan a trip to work on my casting.

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