Mounted New Mexico cops made catching a shoplifter look pretty easy. Watch them, and a couple of other horse cops, in action here.

A New Mexico man, charged with stealing $230 bucks worth of merchandise from a Walgreens, tried to outrun mounted police in Albuquerque. To his dismay, the cops chasing him had way more horsepower.

Bodycam footage from one of the officers captured the entire, pretty short, chase.

"It wasn't me" the guy yells as he leads the cops out into the street, stopping traffic. Two other cops, also on horseback, keep an eye on things while the 3rd cop cuffs the thieving varmint. Yes, "thieving varmint" ... I felt like this story needed some cool, cowboy lingo.

These two mounted cops in Somerset put their ponies into high speed pursuit mode when they caught a glimpse of a guy driving around while using his cell phone. Not sure how much horsepower that vehicle has but, it wasn't enough this time.

So, the lesson here is, don't try to outrun mounted 5 - Oh. Don't get violent with the horses, like this moron did, either.

Striking an officer is a crime and that "hands off" policy also applies to police animals. It's not only illegal, it's stupid ... it's not the animals fault that some humans are idiots.

It's kind of hard to see but this jerk backhands the horse on the side of its butt, just out of view of the cops bodycam.

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