Texas is home to many amazing things regarding to music; bands & musicians, songs & of course music videos. Some of those music videos become huge hits but which ones were filmed in the Lone Star State? Here are a few that you never knew were filmed in Texas. Spot the places YOU recognize.

Motley Crue "Without You"

Starting off our list with one of the bands that defined rock music, Motley Crue. A song heavily inspired by Heather Lockleer, the band filmed the music video for "Without You" entirely inside the Grand 1984 Opera House in Galveston, Texas.

R.E.M. "Everybody Hurts"

Anyone who's driven in Texas has driven on I-10 at least once. The alt rock giants, R.E.M. filmed their music video for "Everybody Hurts" on a stretch of I-10 in San Antonio back in 1992. You can read about how the director, Jake Scott, chose San Antonio to be the location for the music video here.

Arcade Fire "The Suburbs"

The title track & opening song to their 2010 album The Suburbs, Arcade Fire filmed the music video for "The Suburbs" in Austin, Texas, directed by Spike Jonze. The Texas connection goes further when finding out that both Will & Win Butler were raised outside of Houston in The Woodlands.

The Clash "Rock the Casbah"

The Clash are without a doubt one of the biggest punk bands in the world & their hit "Rock the Casbah" was filmed all over Austin & Bastrop Texas.

One YouTube channel, Our80sLife, even posted a video showing all the filming locations shown in the music video.

U2 "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of"

The Irish superstars U2 filmed 3 different music videos for "Stuck In a Moment". The US version contains clips 2 fictional football teams, the Flys & the Lemons, playing in the Houston Astrodome. Even the late John Madden makes an appearance.

One Direction "Drag Me Down"

For many One Direction fans, their music is out of this world. Well the band might not have gone into outer space but they HAVE gone to the Texas home of space travel: NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston for the music video for "Drag Me Down".

The XX "On Hold"

Who wouldn't want to see the British duo, The XX at their high school? Well in Marfa, Texas...they DID. At least for the music video for their hit "On Hold". Even the video opens with a shot of the water tower in Marfa.

Kendrick Lamar "N95"

People who live in Fort Worth certainly remember when Kendrick Lamar included such landmarks like the Renzo Piano Pavilion at the Kimball Art Museum & the Fort Worth Water Gardens in his music video for "N95".

Khalid "Location"

No doubt one of the biggest musicians to live in El Paso is Khalid. He's shown plenty of love to El Paso in his songs, albums & most notably, in his music video for "Location". He wasn't the only one to feature El Paso in a music video; you can see a whole list here.

Midland "Drinking Problem"

We have to wrap up our list with a band named AFTER a Texas city; the country superstars Midland. The very first big hit, "Drinking Problem", all about drinking too much (duh) and the music video portrays the band as moonshiners in the small town of Lockhart, Texas.

Keep you eyes out next time you watch a music video; you never know if you'll spot somewhere close to where you live!

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