In El Paso, all over Texas ... where football is practically a religion ... and across the country, everybody loves a good tailgate.

Tailgating before a football game is a time honored tradition. Before automobiles, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that peeps "wagon-gated".

My family and friends usually tailgate in the living room but it's always a blast.  Except, according to a recent poll, we've been drinking the wrong beer.

One of my families favorite tailgating games has always been the annual Thanksgiving day Dallas Cowboys game.

I'm a Patriots fan but the 'boys lovers in my family have me way outnumbered so the Thanksgiving holiday revolves around them. Even more than the turkey.

When we eat is based on kickoff so there have been years when the Moms and aunts were up cooking at 4 or 5 in the morning if the game was an early one.

Anyway, stadiums, kegs and coolers haven't always been readily available but beer has been around forever so I'm sure that's been part of tailgate life since the very beginning.

When Did Tailgating Start? says it was in 1869.

We'll leave it to you to decide where harvest/murder parties end and tailgating begins, but in a Vice report on the history of tailgating, the first tailgate party to occur at a football game was in 1869 in New Jersey, where Princeton and Rutgers Universities duked it out on the field.

For some reason, they don't explain "harvest/murder" parties but tailgating sounds like it's way more fun.

Michigan State v Notre Dame
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Which NFL Fans Drink The Most?

These days, you can get stats on anything ... which is how we arrived at the favorite tailgating beer in Texas ... so I thought I'd look this up for you to.

Broncos fans drink the most. (Makes sense to me, that's where my beloved Coors Light is made.) Bills fans drink the least ... not sure what, if any, rationale lies behind that one.

Howard TV On Demand's "Strip Beer Pong"
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When Do Most Tailgate Parties Start?

On average, we start throwing 'em back about 2 hours before the game. Other tailgate fun facts include:

  • Beer pong is the most popular tailgating activity, (after "drinking" of course)
  • 1 in 5 fans will be involved in a verbal altercation before the game.
  • Over 20% of NFL fans say they drink more if their team is sucking.

What Is The Most Popular Tailgating Beer In Texas?

According to, the winner in Texas is ... Dos Equis. They started with 36 canned, alcoholic drinks then came up with totals for those based on Google searches.

In my house, just sayin', Coors Light is far and away the leader. Whether my team sucks or not.

To be honest, they don't even have to be playing for it to be party time at my place ...

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