Monster Jam is coming back to El Paso and the action starts way before there's even a single fan in the stands.

Monster Jam is headed back to the UTEP Sun Bowl in March, once again bringing 2 exciting racing events to El Paso fans. Young and old alike love watching these 12,000 pound behemoths go nuts against each other and anything else that gets in their way.

Anything else meaning cars, buses, ramps, etc. They'll run over each other if they have to ... they don't exactly design these tracks with smooth, easy, point A to point B driving in mind.

Putting these events together is no easy feat and things get started in Sun Bowl Stadium a long time before fans are even considering coming in. 2 days of racing typically requires about a weeks worth of work.

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What Happens First For A Monster Truck Event?

Things get rolling, (no pun intended), 48 hours before race day when the dirt arrives. Once a track layout has been agreed on, dump truck after dump truck rolls in while earth movers meticulously pile it up and pack it down.

The ramps have to meet certain specifications for placement and angle so that drivers can decide what they want their truck to do when they hit it. It's not just dirt either, ramps can also include cars and trucks in various states of, well, wreckage.

Photo, Daniel Paulus
Photo, Daniel Paulus

Step 2 - Are The Track And Trucks Ok?

Next, track inspectors go over it all and make sure everything is perfect for the safety of everyone involved and the success of the event overall.

Ditto for the monster trucks themselves. They are thoroughly inspected from top to bottom, a process that seems to take almost an hour. They're also inspected from a distance as each truck has a remote kill switch.

A device that track officials can use to shut the truck down if a problem or accident occurs and the driver can't do it himself.

Finally, The Race Starts

Once the boss says go, 2 hours of mayhem and destruction follows.

Reading all this probably didn't paint the best picture of the incredible amount of work and effort that goes into entertaining 40-50 thousand folks for 2 hours.

To experience it in a more firsthand fashion, watch this documentary that was actually filmed in the UTEP Sun Bowl. Scroll down to episode 18.

Get tickets for Monster Jam 2024 here.

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