There are so many places throughout the Borderland that as you look around you just know you’re here.  Every city has local flair and unique landmarks, but what we’re asking for are those sights and sites that when you share the picture on your social media people who once lived here or those who visit often would say, “I know where that is, or “I so miss that about El Paso.” Some are sweet memories, some inspire, some amuse, but all have one thing in common…they ARE El Paso.

“You know you’re in El Paso when you see…” What?  Perhaps what stands out most to you is any view that has the Franklin Mountains in the backdrop.  Or maybe it’s specific scenes off the road along and within Ft. Bliss. Perhaps driving under an international bridge and seeing the lines of traffic. How about just the border fence next to the road. Maybe a lasting memory marking the times will be the recent occurrences of signs that say to watch out for pedestrians along the border highway. Or it’s the L&J sign with Concordia Cemetery behind it.

Buildings and landmarks such as the Abraham Chavez Theater, Southwest University Ballpark, Speaking Rock, Sun Bowl Stadium, Rosa’s Cantina, Bowen Ranch, and even including places outside of the El Paso metro that let you know you’re here in the Borderplex.

Just for sharing your interpretation of “You know you’re in El Paso when you see…” you could win $1,000. Share your vision, your humor, your admiration for what makes us unique. It could even end up in one of our “You Know you’re in El Paso when you see…” galleries.

Head here to see how to enter, then check out the pics below to get an idea of what we're looking for. Show us something, somewhere, or someone who makes El Paso such a unique and unmistakable place, and you could win some serious money.

📸LOOK: You Know You're in El Paso When You See...

Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures of the images that say you’re in El Paso! 

Photos came from three categories: People, Places, and Things. Some were beautiful, some were far from masterpieces, but even then some of the poor quality photos captured the essence of life in the Borderland. Here are just a few of pictures that say, “You Know You’re In El Paso When You See…” 

Enjoy the views! 

Inclusion in this gallery is no indication of evaluation that the picture is in the running for any award or prize.