El Paso, Texas is full of football fans. We've seen players and former UTEP Miners with ties to NFL teams; one of the most well known is to the Kansas City Chiefs. We know that. But aside the one that we ALL know, that's not the only tie that we have to the AFC West team. We've had a history that expands over decades with the Chiefs.

Andy Reid

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Let's start with the one we know the best; coach Andy Reid who has lead the Chiefs to 2 Super Bowl victories. The former UTEP offensive line coach from 1987-1988 & still recognized by UTEP to this day; even appearing on the Picks Up Podcast with Jon Teicher in 2020.

Andy also told Steve Kaplowitz some of his favorite places to eat IN El Paso and his time at UTEP; great questions Steve!

Dave Toub/Ken Flajole

Andy Reid was not the only Chiefs staff who coached UTEP in the 80s; Along side Andy Reid were Ken Flajole & Dan Toub. All 3 men coached at UTEP with Andy Reid; Lajole was the defensive backs coach from 1986-1988 and Dave Toub the strength and conditioning coach from 1987-1988. Dave & Ken are still currently active with the Chiefs; Dave is currently the special teams coordinator for the Chiefs & Ken is the outside linebackers coach.

Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers
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George Daney

Before Andy Reid, there was George Daney: one of the first times that UTEP would be associated with the Kansas City Chiefs. But he's one of the most well known too; he was a defensive lineman for the Miners between 1965-1967. He was drafted in the 1st round to the Kansas City Chiefs & would be part of the team for their very first Super Bowl victory at Super Bowl IV. Sadly George would pass away on February 15, 1990 due to carbon monoxide poisoning. To this day, he remains one of 7 former UTEP Miner players to win a Super Bowl ring.

Some other notable moments is that former UTEP head coach, Sean Kugler, played for the UTEP Miners while under Andy Reid was coaching between 1985-1988. Even Patrick Mahomes himself has played against while he was with Texas Tech. The two teams played against each other on September 12, 2015; Patrick would throw 4 touchdowns that day. Texas Tech would win 69-20. It's a very interesting UTEP connection considering for the 2 time Super Bowl champ...

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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This isn't the first time Kansas City has been associated with Texas; they used to be from Dallas and you can see that story here.

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