There's been an update on the "Juarez Costco Cake Saga". Don't know what that is? Well, it all started in 2020 when apparently Costco members in Juarez were buying up all these cakes in order to resell them; well that didn't sit well with other Costco members. The tension came to height during the holidays where fights began to break out in the parking lot!

Members were allegedly buying the cakes in large quantities to then later resell them online for much higher prices- another thing that other members were not happy about. Was it illegal? No, of course not. Was it kind of scummy? Oh, for sure! Especially to the members who weren't buying to resell, they just wanted a nice cake to eat!

I recently got a Costco membership and had to opportunity to try their cakes. They're good. Like, they're really good. But I don't know if they're "fighting in the parking lot" good!

Well, today there's been an update on the scandal! According to Juarez Digital, Costco announced that they will be implementing a limit on how many cakes members can buy. The limit? Five.

Judging by the comments, this was the right move as many applauded the decision.

According to KVIA back in 2020, there had already been a limit on cake sales, but apparently it wasn't strictly implemented which I guess why they had to really put their foot down this time! Wondering how good the cakes really are? Well, trust me when I say there is a whole network of people reselling Costco cakes, so you'll probably still find some online!

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