If you're planning a trip around the edge of Texas, you'll need plenty of gas and plenty of time.  You should probably bring snacks too ...

The lone star state is the second biggest of all the United States and driving across it takes a minute. Texas' longest highway takes about 11 hours to travel end to end by itself.

Texas is 2nd biggest overall but when it comes to length, (north - south), we flip flop with the USA's 3rd biggest state. They really don't win by much though.

Driving around the perimeter of the state is going to take you a minute. If you strictly follow the line, you will see, (to your right), the country of Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico as well as the (united) states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

How Many Miles Is It To Go All Around Texas?

The border between Texas and Mexico eats up 1,254 miles of our total perimeter all by itself. The remainder sits between us and our neighbor states to the tune of 2,883 miles.

Yep, starting and ending at El Paso, your total mileage would come out to about 4,137 miles and you're going to need a SERIOUS off-road vehicle, (or vehicles), to pull it off.

Not all of that terrain is paved at all, let alone smoothly, some of it is mountainous and some may require water craft.

Texas And Louisiana Prepare For Direct Hit From Hurricane Laura
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4,137 miles to travel around Texas and it's only 2,451 miles, (in a fairly straight line), from Los Angeles to New York ... along nice, paved roads the whole way.

That's 2 days and 11 hours to go around Texas at 70mph ... like you really could ... and only about half that to travel coast to coast on roads that you actually could do that on.

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