Halloween, or "Spooky Season", has arrived so it's time for horror movies and scary tales. This one is true and it happened just outside El Paso.

I think pretty much everyone has heard of legendary monsters, or "creatures", I guess, like Bigfoot.

Around the Borderland, the Chupacabra tends to get all the headlines but we once had a visit from Bigfoot here too. Or something very similar to him,  ...

Tales of the Horizon City Monster go back as far as 1975 and the last reported sighting, that I'm aware of, happened in 2003.

Local witnesses say that the monster in question is between 7-8ft tall with broad shoulders and an elongated head. Montañez added that the entities 'have very short hair and are a faded brownish-maroon color' and mouths resembling those of bulldogs. Other witnesses have attested that the creatures can be seen late at night as they drink water from Lake El Paso, and others still have said that they have heard the creatures emitting humming sounds when they were driving through Eastlake Boulevard, and that they can tell when the monsters are around due to their noxious odour. - paranormalstrangefandom

As recently as 2021, a possible encounter occurred in the middle of El Paso involving a friend of mine who wrote about it here.

She was in the McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater at the time, way, FAR away from Horizon. I don't know that a creature like this could remain hidden in the middle of town.

There are miles and miles of open desert around Horizon though, with practically nothing between there and Van Horn.

Van Horn is surrounded by nothing as well and south of VH, you get into the land of the Marfa Mystery Lights. Spooky country.

To the south, there's absolutely nothing from Horizon to well into Mexico.

Plenty of dark, uninhabited land where you could probably hide a family of these things, a colony from a distant galaxy and a few packs, (herds, gaggles?), of Chupacabra.

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