Without a doubt, one of the most popular musicals in recent history is the Broadway musical, Hamilton. Since 2015, the musical has racked up 8 Drama Awards, won at the Tony Awards & the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Now 2 Texas cities will be able to enjoy the show live in 2023.

"Hamilton" Opening Night Curtain Call
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What is Hamilton about?

History buffs will know the real Alexander Hamilton has one of the founding fathers of America. The musical Hamilton is based on the 2004 book "Alexander Hamilton" written by Ron Chernow. What really peaked the interest with people is it's not typically sung, but rather done in a rap/hip-hop style.

Since it's appeared on Broadway stages, and recently on Disney + in 2020, many songs from the musical have been stuck in fans heads.

Where is Hamilton coming to Texas?

Only three Texas cities will enjoy Hamilton; one in West Texas & the others in Central Texas:

  • The Majestic Theatre in San Antonio: Jun 20th to July 2nd.
  • The Plaza Theater in El Paso: everyday between July 5 to July 16th
  • & The Buddy Holly Hall in Lubbock: everyday between July 19th to July 30th

There's a few other showings of Hamilton that are coming

Fans in New Mexico can see Hamilton at the Popejoy Hall in Albuquerque: May 9th to May 28th. Dallas fans will also get to enjoy Hamilton, but not in 2023. According to the Broadway Dallas website, Hamilton is scheduled to appear between May 8 to June 9th of 2024.

You can find all the ticket information on the official Hamilton website.

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