When you think of video games that shows an immense love for racing cars at blistering speeds, the Gran Turismo series comes to mind to any car/video game lover. Since 1997, the series has almost become THE series for car & racing game fans; becoming the highest selling video game franchise for PlayStation. With the release of Gran Turismo Sport & Gran Turismo 7, they finally added a course set in the Lone Star State, Texas. But the game never outright said WHERE the course was located. Thanks to some research, I think we know EXACTLY where it is.

What track is set in Texas in Gran Turismo?

If you've played GT Sport or GT 7, you're familiar with the course called "Northern Isle Raceway". It's about a half mile course set somewhere in Texas; if you've never seen the course, you can see the small oval racetrack down below.

As the commentary from the video said, the track is fictional & it appears to be heavily based on the real life Bristol Motor Speedway (in Bristol, Tennessee), which is also a half mile track.

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But when looking at the location in the game itself, it's centered around the northeastern part of Texas. Around the Fort Worth/Dallas area...which IS home to a real life racetrack in Texas: The Texas Motor Speedway.

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Obviously the one in the game is much smaller than the actual Texas Motor Speedway, but the pin point location in the game certainly matches to where you'd find the racetrack in real life. As one Reddit user pointed out on the Gran Turismo Reddit page,

I saw barely anybody talking about this track point they showed off in the announcement
by u/Coolsnowkinglee in granturismo

So far that is the only "race track" that's set in Texas in the Gran Turismo series. If they did add more in the future; I think the REAL Texas Motor Speedway would be a great addition, maybe the Circuits of the Americas in Austin, or maybe even bring back a version of the real life race track that was held in San Antonio.

Either way, it's nice to see Texas be shown love in one of the biggest video game franchises known to man.

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