Our food has been known to be GIANT in Texas; we've seen food items break world records & we've even seen people shown their appreciation for local favorite by ordering custom made orders (like the El Paso man who ate a 10 patty Whataburger). But some places do it regularly; these places are known are serving GIANT food items.

These Texas restaurants serve some HUGE food servings

One place that Texas definitely remember is Lulu's Bakery & Café in San Antonio, Texas. They were known for their MASSIVE cinnamon rolls that weighed as much as 3.5 pounds. Sadly Lulu's shut their doors in 2020, thanks to the COVID outbreak. But that doesn't mean we still couldn't appreciate those giant rolls...

Other places that are sadly no longer around are Arnold Burgers in Amarillo, Hot & Juicy in El Paso (who closed in 2017), or Salsa Joe's Tex-Mex Smokehouse in Arlington; all 3 places known for their massive burgers. However in the case of Arnold Burgers, they're still around. Just under a different name. Salsa Joe's is also still around (sorta); they have rebranded.

Sadly we've seen some places get shut down in the last few years because of the Pandemic, but not every place has met the same fate. Some places are still very much around for us to enjoy, and for some very brave souls, dare to try to eat some of these fantastically humongous eats.

Here are 10 places that are still open around the state that you can go to for yourself.

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