If you know the tragic tale of Jason Voorhees, you know the story starts at Camp Crystal Lake. If you've watched the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th directed by  Marcus Nispel, you know it's a look into Jason's story & what led him into the monster he became. What you probably didn't know is that several Texas cities were featured in the filming of the 2009 version of Friday the 13th.

What Texas cities were shown in Friday the 13th (2009)?

If you look at the Filming & Production page on IMDB, it lists 10 locations in 7 different Texas cities. All the filming was done between April 21 to  June 13, 2008.

  • Marshall, Texas
  • Round Rock, Texas
  • Bastrop, Texas (including the police intersection scene)
  • La Grange, Texas
  • Wimberly, Texas
  • Bubba's Country Store & Austin Studios in Austin, Texas

Bubba's Country Store was called "The Outpost' in the movie, but those around Austin knew exactly what the place was called.

Even Trent's cabin was set in Wimberly.

Can you see the filming locations from the movie?

The answer is yes; some YouTube channels have made videos of their trips to find as many as possible Texas locations that were used in the movie.

For instance, SCOTT ON FILM, showed many of the Austin locations used around the fictional Camp Crystal Lake & mentioned that additional scenes were filmed at Camp Fern near Marshall.

Dark Dimensions Haunted House posted his video showing off filming locations shown in Bastrop, Texas. His video is much more than Scott's but it's still a nice journey into where Jason once stood and...well did some unspeakable things...

Of course Jason Voorhees is fictional & he never have to worry him actually stalking us in the REAL world... right?

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