A Sherwin Williams paint plant near Dallas, Texas exploded with a blast that was felt miles away.

The plant, located in Garland, Texas, caught fire in the wee hours of the morning with the flames eventually sparking fireballs and the explosion.

Luckily, being that it happened in the middle of the night, only 1 injury has been reported and no lives were lost.

The injured employee was taken to a nearby hospital but released a few hours later.

The Garland Fire Department had the blaze contained by around 5:30am.

They remained on site through the morning watching for hot spots and monitoring air quality.

You can watch the plant burn and launch fireballs into the night sky from different angles in the videos above and below.

A company spokesperson said the blast at the Sherwin-Williams plant in Garland happened around 1:15 a.m., and people who live and work nearby reported feeling buildings tremble as flames engulfed the industrial facility.

“It felt pretty hard. Like the whole house shook,” Giovanny Gamboa, who felt the explosions from miles away, told KDFW-TV. - apnews.com

Gamboa added that he felt the shake and stepped outside to see what had happened and was very surprised at how far away the blast had actually happened.

Officials with the plant, which primarily makes industrial coatings and resins, have not released an official cause for the disaster yet.

The Sherwin Williams plant has been shut down for now and there has been no word on when it will reopen.

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