A home listing in El Paso, Texas has a jaw dropping price tag of $2.3 million; and while it's a super nice looking house, many El Pasoans have better ideas for the home.

It's definitely not the most expensive home for sale in El Paso, but it's certainly up there! This home, which is located in the 79912 area, is 9,027 square feet and has six bedrooms, seven baths, a wine cellar, a sauna and an indoor pool! It's basically a dream home, for those who happen to have $2.3 million burning a hole in their pocket.

While many in the comments section of this video made their jokes like having to be part of the cartel to even be able to afford the house, or how the downside to owning this magnificent home would be you have to live in El Paso. However one El Pasoan had a better idea for the home and commented:

turn this into cheesecake factory pls

The comment got several laughs, but the more you look at it, the more the house starts to look like a Cheesecake Factory! Just check it out.

This El Paso Home Would Make a Great Popular Restaurant

This El Paso Home has a price tag of $2.3 million and while the magnificent home is certainly appealing, at least one El Pasoan thinks this home would be better as a Cheesecake Factory!

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Doesn't the home kind of look like a Cheesecake Factory? I mean, it definitely has the space!

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For years, El Pasoans have been pleading for a Cheesecake Factory; unfortunately that dream has never come to fruition. I'm not entirely sure why; but it's basically become like an H-E-B situation; we can dream and plead but it doesn't look like a Cheesecake Factory is in our future.

While many dream of the day they can eat the brown bread in El Paso, you can check out the listing here.

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