If El Paso Walmart stores follow the path some others have, we may have to not only check ourselves out but pay them to let us do it. WTH?

Self checkouts are very polarizing for shoppers. Some people are cool with it, some ... like, 2 or 3 maybe ... actually enjoy handling their own business. Most people though aren't that crazy about it. Especially when it comes to fruits and veggies.

I don't like buying beer at those either. Whatever time, (I thought), I saved by using it is lost while waiting for someone to check my ID. Honestly, can't they create some kind of registry for that? I'm in there a LOT ... can someone introduce me to the machine?

Anyway, as annoying as using these things can be, Walmart wants to take our frustration to a whole other level. They're now going from thinking about eliminating them to considering making us pay to use them.

How Much Will Walmart Charge For Self Checkout Access?

Self checkout access has already become limited to Walmart+ members in some places, see a pic here. The membership is $12.95 a month or $98.00 per year. This also gets you free, unlimited delivery so, cost - wise, it may be worth it to you for that alone.

Photo, Getty Images/Canva
Photo, Getty Images/Canva

Then comes the final insult, they want to see your receipt as you leave. (Which they really can't do.) Sam's and Costco can because you agree to it when you become a member.

I assume, if you become a Walmart member, that same agreement is in the fine print somewhere. Sneaky.

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