There are many local women owned businesses around El Paso, Texas; many of them have benefited thanks to efforts of organizations like Mija Yes You Can. And as a result we're seeing more pop up in El Paso to not only flourish in business but hold efforts to help the community. And that's what Vals Jibbz Shop at 2200 N Yarbrough does; they sell croc charms while allowing other small local businesses a space to display THEIR items inside the store. And they're continuing to support the community by holding a free event all for the children of El Paso in April.

vals.jibbz via Instagram
vals.jibbz via Instagram

When is the Val's Jibbz hosting their event for the kids in El Paso?

It was published on their Instagram account that they will be holding their Dia De Los Ninos on April 28th, 2024.

This event is being put together and organized by these 3 women;

  • Ammie Alvarez of Nostalgia Delight, who will be organizing the face painting & bracelet making tables (she’s also one of the main brains behind this event)
  • Salma Atiya of PurseFind (they will have the tables for tote painting/decorating & stitching of goodie bags)
  • Valerie Sangines (the owner of Vals Jibbz), who is hosting the event.

In addition to having an abundance of books to give away to any children who make it out to the store, there will be snacks (on a first come first serve basis). The organizers also said they will have appearances from Disney princesses from Part of Your World Entertainment to do story time for the kids.

If you want to donate books for the event, you can donate any new or gently used books to Vals Jibbz during their business hours.

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