Brittany Furlan Lee made a very pleasant appearance at the El Paso Mötley Crüe Concert after the audience failed to show their boobs. But, apparently, El Paso was the only one to get this treat!

Def Leppard And Mötley Crüe "The World Tour" At Sheffield Bramall Lane
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The concert was about a week ago and people are still buzzing about it. So much so, that other news outlets have begun running the story of how Tommy Lee got Brittany to flash the crowd at the El Paso show.

I got to see it with my own eyes! Former Vine star Brittany Furlan Lee flashed us! At the time I didn't think anything of it because she's Tommy Lee's wife- I was certain that she had flashed the crowd before. But, judging by all the news stories out now, no, she hadn't apparently. El Paso was the only on the tour that got flashed by Furlan Lee.

Now, I'm sure you can find the video elsewhere on the internet; or if you ask me nicely I can send it to you because I was there! But for now, this is the edited version.

I was shocked to know that Furlan Lee isn't doing this at every show she's at! I guess El Paso was super disappointing to Tommy that he had to bring out the big guns... pun intended! I'm sure many women though were waiting for Tommy to flash his- then again, I'm sure we've all seen it!

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