A stolen ambulance led police on a crazy chase from east El Paso to northeast El Paso. Looks like the ambulance took the worst of it, check out the video.

Someone's been playing too much Grand Theft Auto. I don't want to seem as though I'm encouraging vehicle theft but, seriously, here's some advice ...

If you're going to steal something you may have to evade police in, you should probably grab something a little more sporty. I'd pick something a little more inconspicuous too, maybe a Mustang. Those things are everywhere.

It doesn't seem like this person really thought this one through. I mean ambulances save lives and all but they don't really handle well and they're kinda slow. There's a reason you see them on the infield at Daytona and not in the winners circle.

At approximately 8:00 a.m. this morning, an El Paso Fire Department ambulance was stolen from the Del Sol Emergency Room, said Enrique Dueñas, spokesperson with EPFD. The El Paso Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety deployed units and detained the suspect at Altura and Gateway North, he added. - ktsm

The grand finale of the, (I would imagine), "low" speed pursuit was captured by a resident of the apartments where the ambulance wound up crashing into a wall. You can see the driver sitting in the ambulance as the cops call for him to get out.

This isn't the first time the El Paso Police Department has had to chase a stolen ambulance. It happened about 5 years ago when one was stolen in the northeast.

EPPD had to chase that one over Trans Mountain.

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