Texas was recently ranked pretty low in terms of health care availability. As far as the quality of health care in El Paso, here's how some hospitals scored.

When it comes to offering its residents health care, the lone star state was ranked as the 7th WORST state in the United States. When it came to the number of peeps insured, we were even worse.

No matter how your health care is financed, you still want it to be good. While many hospitals offer amazing care, they're not all exactly perfect.

According to US News And World Report, the best hospitals in Texas ... the top 5 anyway ... are in Houston and Dallas. I'm not sure where El Paso hospitals stand with regard to the rest of the state but I was able to find out where several rank locally.

Click the "stars" links to see the entire report card and stars earned for each item or service graded. Doctor/patient communication, cleanliness, wait times, likelihood of patients recommending the hospital, etc, etc.

  • The Hospitals of Providence/Memorial Campus overall score, 2 stars.
  • University Medical Center of El Paso overall score, 3 stars.
  • Las Palmas Medical Center overall score, 2 stars.
  • Sierra Medical Center overall score, 3 stars.
  • El Paso Childrens Hospital - no results posted0 stars.
  • Sierra Providence East - overall score, 2 stars.
  • Hospitals Of Providence/Trans Mountain - overall score, 2 stars.

Some hospitals in the area were also rated:

  • Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center in Alamogordo got 3 stars.
  • Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces got 2 stars.
  • Mountain View Regional in Las Cruces got 3 stars.

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