Sugar, spice and everything rockin'! You wouldn't stop to think that cookies could be rocking, but they most certainly are!

El Paso is still buzzing from the Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard and Alice Cooper concert that took place at the Sun Bowl.

Def Leppard And Mötley Crüe "The World Tour" At Sheffield Bramall Lane
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It was a badass show, but now, one El Paso bakery is stealing the show with their baked goods!

Jenny's Bakery, a small two person bakery with over seven years in the cookie biz, just happened to get a message the Monday before the concert from someone on Mötley Crüe's team asking if they can make some cookies for the band. Who would turn down that offer?! No one, right? Jenny's Bakery jumped on the offer and began getting to work! Check out how Jenny's Bakery made the treats!

Look at the attention to detail! How cool is it to see the band actually enjoying them, on their private jet! If you're a follower of Brittany Furlan Lee, Tommy Lee's wife, she actually shared them on her Instagram as well!

Jenny's Bakery
Jenny's Bakery

Jenny's Bakery wishes to thank their supporters; it's because of them that Mötley Crüe's team even found out about them.

If you had never heard of Jenny's Bakery, well you are missing out! Here's a little bit about Jenny.

Jenny's Bakery offers more than just cookies, they also have snacks like these super cool Hypnotic Brownies:

Or these awesome Oatmeal Scream Pies!

But the real stars of the show are the cookies!


You can order from Jenny's Bakery here. And to keep up to date on Jenny's creations, be sure to follow Jenny's Bakery here.

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