We love to enjoy a nice cold one in Texas but you can't just have alcohol EVERYWHERE in the state. While most of the counties, you ARE allowed to indulgence in consuming alcohol. And I say MOST because there are some that you're not allowed to buy or consume alcohol. In the entire United States, there are still 32 dry states with Texas being one of them. These are called dry counties & here's to find them in Texas.

NOTE: Please drink responsibly regardless on where you are or travel.

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Here are the 4 dry counties in Texas

For a long time Texas used to have more dry counties; most of the counties are wet or partially wet, meaning you can purchase alcohol within state lines & partially wet means you CAN purchase alcohol like wine, spirits of beer, but it depends on the city within in the county.

Throughout the years Texas used to have many dry counties with the number going as high as 74 in total. Of course most of them changed; the most recent being Hemphill County. Hemphill WAS a dry county until a vote changed that in November of 2022.

However In 2023, there are still now 4 considered completely dry counties throughout the state. This means that the government has completely forbid the sale of alcohol in these 4 counties:

Borden County located in Gail, Texas

Google Maps
Google Maps

Kent, Texas

Roberts County, Texas

& Throckmorton, Texas

Interestingly, New Mexico USED to be a dry state until late 2019. The last two counties, Curry & Roosevelt, finally approved on a ballot making it legal to buy alcohol. Now you can buy anywhere in the state.

So now that you know which counties are dry in Texas, I'll let YOU use that knowledge however you wish. Just make sure to be responsible in your pursuit of alcohol.

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