If you are looking for some dreadful, meaning "way cool", Christmas gifts here in El Paso, better hit this place up first. It won't be around much longer ...

Dreadful Things, for the moment located at 4001 Dyer, (next to Pumping Ink Tattoo), is closing its doors for good December 30th.

The shop... which offers art, curiosities, healing crystals and herbs among other things ... is also a tattoo studio. The tattoo studio will remain open.

Owner Francella Baca opened her first shop, La Adelita, about 12 years ago and named it honor of the women who fought in the Mexican Revolutionary War. An embodiment of a true female warrior ... which sums Francella herself up pretty well.

Before “Dreadful Things” came to be, my store was called “La Adelita”. It was a smaller, more simple version of what Dreadful Things is today that had art, jewelry, home wares, curiosities (I’m not sure if people were ready for this kind of stuff at that time lol), t-shirts, and Igor’s (our shop ball python) first home!  - Francella Baca via Facebook

She's probably right about people not being ready for her "oddities" at the time. They came around though and those selling similar wares in Francella's wake today absolutely stand on her shoulders. Ya'll watch those namesake dreads though ...

Having "broken the ice" for these types of shops here in El Chuco, Dreadful Things will remain open as a tattoo shop but, otherwise, it's on to bigger and better things.

Make sure you hit up El Paso's home for odd, unique gifts and amazing art while you still can.

You only have until December 30th to buy that perfect gift for someone or drop some of that Christmas cash on yourself.

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