Fiesta is underway in San Antonio and that means all the delicious food that comes with it. For one local barbeque joint in Seguin, that means it's the return of one of their most divisive menu items. What is this divisive item? Well it involves a concha.

A concha is a very popular and beloved Mexican sweet bread and made with a sweet, soft, and fluffy dough and topped with a sugary, crumbly topping that resembles a seashell or a shell-shaped pattern.

Gerard CR via Unsplash
Gerard CR via Unsplash

It's sweet, it's perfect for on the go, and when combined with coffee it's the best thing ever.

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These days, many people get creative with a concha; this Arizona ice cream shop decided to turn it into an ice cream sandwich, which looks amazing!

But have you ever thought about combining the concha with some barbeque? Well, The Burnt Bean Co. thought about it, and let that intrusive thought win because they came up with "La Babe". The concha is stuffed with pulled pork, Chamoy BBQ sauce and chicharron pineapple slaw.

Is this a foodie crime? Is this really a controversial menu item?

At first glance, it looks disgustingly delicious, like, almost forbidden. All those things shouldn't be mixed together; the pork, the slaw and the concha are things that I like separately, but would I like them all together? I think the mix of flavors would be too much!

What captured my eye more was the "Chamoy BBQ sauce"- I know for sure I want to give that a taste! Divisive or not, it looks like many are a fan of La Babe and are ready to sink their teeth into it!

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