Even though it's taking a while (okay, a long while!) winter is coming to the 915 and I am ready for it. And this year, you'll definitely want to prepare as we're fixing to have a fierce winter!

Large Winter Storm Brings Ice And Snow To Large Swath Of Southern States Up Through Northeast
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That means you'll want to bust out your cold weather essentials- warm pajamas, firewood for the fire place and of course, our San Marcos cobijas! Okay, yes, I'm fully aware that San Marcos the brand hasn't existed since 2004, but we still call the cobijas that.

You know which ones- the one your mom busts out as soon as a small chill hits the air; the cobija that is big, plushy and warm and has one big design on it! Everyone in my family has one, each expressing who we are with a design fit for each of us.

This one is mine, because I'm a child of God.

warm san marcos blanket
Joanna Barba

If you're looking to get yourself a new cobija and you aren't sure which one to get- why not get one that could somehow coordinate with your birth month? How does that work? Yeah, I'm not too sure, but La Superior Mercados has somehow gotten it down because here's what they suggest those born in January through March should get!

And here's what those born from April to June should get:

Born in July, August or September? Here's the cobijas you should get:

And finally, if you were born in October, November or December, these are the cobijas you should get:

Bummer that the sun and moon cobija didn't make it to any of them! Do you agree with the list? Let us know in the App Chat and show us your cobija!

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