El Paso, Texas is a HUGE sports city; just look at how many people will go to a sporting event around town. Whether it's baseball, hockey or soccer, we will go cheer on our local team & we will show up in droves. But you know there are many sports teams that have come and gone. Local sport teams that only WE would know and still remember.

Here are some El Paso professional sports that are no longer around.

Today El Paso has the Chihuahuas baseball team, the Rhinos hockey team & the Locomotive FC soccer team (along with the men & women's basketball teams for UTEP, as well as the UTEP Miners football team). But throughout the years, these are some teams that we DEFINTIELY remember having that are no longer here. For me, I definitely had a deep personal connection to some of the old hockey & baseball teams growing up like the Buzzards & the Diablos.

Look for the local teams that YOU remembered (and maybe cheered for back in the day).

Sports Teams That Only El Paso Will Remember

Today we have many professional sports teams but we had many more throughout the years. Here are some old baseball, hockey, football & soccer teams that El Paso used to have but we still remember them.

Gallery Credit: Daniel Paulus

Of course this is not by any means a COMPLETE list of sports teams that used to exist in El Paso; I'm sure there were many more that are not IN the history books. And while we might not have a team in EVERY sport out there, without a doubt these are ones that most definitely have a place in the hearts of us and will continue to do so.

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It's not just in recent memory that former UTEP Miners football players would play in the NFL; it's been going on for years. Some have gone on to win the Super Bowl too. Here are some former UTEP Miners that have played in the NFL.

Gallery Credit: Daniel Paulus

Stores El Paso Remembers & Misses from the Cielo Vista Mall

Since 1974, several stores have come & gone at the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas. When we asked what's a store that YOU remembered, you absolutely delivered. So here are a couple of places that YOU miss from the old days of the Cielo Vista Mall.

Gallery Credit: Daniel Paulus