An annual celebration of Chicano culture and heritage in central El Paso has been canceled following a shooting in the park where the event takes place.

The annual César Chávez Day Celebration that has been held every year in central's "Chicano Park", (aka Lincoln Park), is off following a shooting in the park last weekend.

The Wheela, Vicla and Pedal Car Show was initially to have taken place in Lincoln Park, under the Spaghetti Bowl, March 24th.  A post on the Lincoln Park Conservation Committee Facebook page read:

Due to the recent incident at an unauthorized event this past Sunday the annual Cesar Chavez Day celebration at Lincoln Park scheduled for March 24th 2024 has been canceled. We take the safety and security of our Indigenous, Mexican-American, Chicano and Lowrider communities very seriously and will not put anyone at risk. Our Prayers are with the Family that was impacted by this senseless violence and hope for a complete and speedy recovery. - Facebook/Lincoln Park CC

The event during which the shooting took place was not a Lincoln Park CC event but the group are working with the city parks department and EPPD to come up with a plan for future events at the park.

During a car club event last weekend, one of a group of teenagers fired a gun, striking an innocent bystander. Police are still looking for the teens involved.

Anyone with info about the shooting can anonymously report it to Crime Stoppers by phone, 915-566-8477 (TIPS), or they can leave details online at

Most events are peaceful.

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