Forget chips 'n salsa ... El Pasoans need to get bundt cake pans ready for Super Bowl Sunday. If you don't have one, buy one; this is the best idea ever.

The San Francisco 49'ers and the K.C. Chiefs will tangle on Sunday and preparations for a zillion Super Bowl parties are already underway.

I have a tip to help make your Super Bowl party really rock by putting a new spin on a common dish that peeps already love, party or no party.

Step 1 - Break out the bundt cake pan. Don't bother buying cake mix or icing or any of that stuff though, we're not making a bundt cake. We're making burritos.

Step 2 - Gather up your favorite burrito and/or taco ingredients and tortillas.

Step 3 - Get busy ...

... grab your bundt pan and arrange the strips in a fanning motion along the bottom so they overlap. From there, load in half of your burrito filling, and repeat the process with the second stack of tortilla strips and the remaining taco filling, creating two layers. Finish with a final layer of tortilla strips and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30-45 minutes or until golden brown. -

Mind blown, huh??

Quick, (fairly) easy and totally unforgettable. If you're not into burritos, how about a Taco Ring? Yep, they're a thing too and they are just as easy peezy to make, using the same bundt cake pan.

You may be the only one that gets this in time for the Super Bowl but watch; every party and family gettogether from now on will feature one of these bad boys.

No matter who wins the game, you'll win the party.

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