From February - April, Border Patrol checkpoints near Las Cruces and Alamogordo seized state regulated, (legal), marijuana and threatened to arrest the drivers.

This makes the "Land of Enchantment" sound more like the "Land of Entrapment" as Border Patrol agents threatened to take the drivers to jail even though the products they had are legal in NM and the businesses they worked for are legit.

The checkpoint between El Paso and Alamogordo recently made the news for sending an El Paso man to jail in a case of mistaken identity.

In at least one seizure, a drug sniffing dog was used to ID the cannabis transport vehicle. (A dog was needed? Aren't those things marked?) Anyway, seizures so far have netted the checkpoints "at least 70 pounds of marijuana flower, concentrates, edibles, disposable vape pens, cartridges and product samples bound for lab testing".

Drivers, legally transporting legal marijuana, were also threatened with arrest. None were but they were held for hours and the businesses are out hundreds of thousands of dollars in product

Officials haven't exactly explained why these busts are happening in New Mexico ... none have been reported in Arizona or California, both border states with legal marijuana ... nor have they agreed to return the goods.

Several official motions and letters have gone back and forth to try and settle this yet the CBP, at least in NM, has NOT said they will stop busting drivers nor that they plan to return the weed.

For now, legal pot companies have a choice ... find new routes or take their chances on losing goods and possibly even vehicles and other property while conducting business.

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