If the "Golden Bachelor' has taught us anything it's that it's never too late to find love! Well, even though that marriage was a bust that's not stopping one East Coast man who is looking for love in Texas!

Forget Tinder, Bumble and Hinge! An East Coast man named Albert Gilberti is willing to relocate to the great state of Texas- but only if you love karaoke and are marriage minded!

Over in Nolan county, Mr. Gilberti has decided to look for his lady by utilizing a huge billboard and he sure knows what he wants!


That's one way to find a soulmate, I guess
byu/Birdy_Cephon_Altera intexas

So why Sweetwater? Gilberti tells Big Country Homepage that he just likes the area and the mountains stating "I'd like to retire there."

Apparently, this isn't Gilberti's first foray into seeking love via billboard, Big Country Homepage says he also had one in 2005! He's hoping to get better luck with this one; which apparently it has been going so well- he's gotten so many responses that he had to have a friend help him field the hundreds of texts and calls he was receiving!

However, dating in your golden years doesn't seem to be so different from dating in your younger years; at least that's what Barbara Jo makes it seem like as she told Big Country Homepage that she's been ghosted!

I hope he gets back to her, she sounds adorable!

Well, it sounds like these folks have a better dating life than I do! Hopefully Gilberti finds what he's looking for soon!

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