El Paso is home to many businesses and industries operating at local, regional, national and international levels.

Whether it's with a national chain like Walmart, a regional employer like Whataburger or a home grown business like Pumping Ink Tattoos, everybody works somewhere.

So, who in El Paso employs the most peeps? Hint, around  80% of El Pasoans work there and they're an international organization with locations pretty much everywhere.

That rules out my neighbors handyman business, (he's the ONLY employee), as well as some big names around El Paso.

We do have big businesses based in El Chuco that are known far and wide, Helen of Troy for example.

They employ quite a few people but they're still outdone by fast food restaurants, department stores, law enforcement agencies and the medical field to name a few.

We have some players here when it comes to the number of employees they have but no one I have mentioned so far even comes CLOSE to the 915's big dog.

School districts and the city of El Paso are #'s 2 - 4 with T & T in 5th place according to elpasotexas.org.

2.El Paso Independent School District7,875
3.Socorro Independent School District7,144
4.City of El Paso6,840
5.T&T Staff Management6,387

Uncle Sam, via his El Paso outlet, Fort Bliss, has more people on his payroll than anyone else. The fort itself is literally a city within a city with housing, schools, medical facilities, malls, theaters, restaurants, etc, etc.

Fort Bliss employs 458,792 according to the El Paso city website. That's almost 500,000 out of a total population that's crowding 700,000. More than the largest employer in Texas.

A big chunk to say the least. We love you Fort Bliss, please don't ever relocate to Mexico.

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