As Donkey once said in the 2001 comedy "Shrek": everybody loves parfaits! But have you ever seen a BBQ parfait? I know, you would think those two words would never be in the same sentence, but I'm telling you, I have seen the promised land and I think this could be the next big thing in Texas!

Barbecue. Barbecue table spread. Beef brisket, chicken, pork ribs, beef ribs, Mac n cheese, cornbread, Brussels sprouts, coleslaw & beer. Classic traditional Texas meats & side dishes.

Bbq in a cup seems almost sacrilegious, but trust me, this actually looks amazing; and it's very customizable, apparently. Maybe it's the word "parfait" that throws a lot of people off since we all know that parfaits usually consist of something sweet, but I think that the bbq parfait is actually kind of genius!


Beware though, this is definitely not for those who don't like their foods touching!

As you can see from this restaurant in California (wtf?!) they offer a BBQ parfait that includes a layer of baked beans, pulled pork and coleslaw. But as I said before, it's completely customizable, meaning if you don't want coleslaw you don't have to have it in your BBQ parfait. This BBQ parfait that hails from Kentucky looks like it has macaroni and cheese in it!

I think the main component here is that you put whatever you think is the perfect BBQ meal, whether it be brisket instead of pulled pork or mac and cheese instead of coleslaw.

Personally, I think it would be great with some potato salad instead of coleslaw! How would you customize your BBQ parfait? Let us know in the App Chat!

How this hasn't already been a bigger hit in Texas is surprising to me!

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