When it comes to criminals, Albuquerque is pretty well stocked. So much so that they are currently running out of ankle monitors.

Seriously, they're almost out. Not sure that it really matters though as the video above indicates there might not be anyone monitoring the peeps who wear them after hours.

Bernalillo County District Attorney Sam Bregman said that more and more peeps are getting arrested and the system is having a hard time keeping up.

DA Bregman told KRQE that the "average number of people being monitored by GPS in our Pretrial Services program varies between 100 and 115". He added:

While we have a pending order for additional GPS devices, we do not have anyone waiting for a GPS device due to supply unavailability at this time. It is the practice of the Second Judicial District Court to have additional GPS devices available to ensure that we can replace damaged or non-working units immediately.” - krqe


Albuquerque courts stay pretty busy on average and they see some really crazy stuff, like a man arrested for breaking into his Moms house and stealing her posole. 

Another guy got popped for strolling down I-25 naked. He also tried to steal the arresting officers patrol car.

Albuquerque may be New Mexico's biggest city and have its issues but, when it comes to crime, it's the smallest cities in New Mexico that have the highest crime rates.

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