An "Aladdin" themed café that just opened up in Richardson, Texas is quickly winning over the hearts of many- especially on social media!

Aladdin Cafe in Richardson, Texas invites you to embark on a journey to the mystical lands of the Middle East without stepping foot on a magic carpet!

That's right, for those of us who always wanted to check out a whole new world, or for those of us who memorized every word to "Arabian Nights"- this is the place to go!

Aladdin Cafe offers breakfast and brunch, as well as pastries and, probably the coolest thing ever, coffee on sand; which is another way of saying Turkish coffee.

If you've never had Turkish coffee and you love coffee, you are missing out! Turkish coffee is brewed in a pan filled with sand that's heated over an open flame. The sand-filled pan allows for total control over the heat. Cups left on the surface stay warm, and the heat used for brewing can be adjusted by the depth of the coffee in the sand.

It's a beautiful and ancient tradition, and it makes for some delicious and pretty strong coffee! I think every coffee lover should try it at least once!

Aladdin Cafe opened up back in December in the Dallas county, but already it's become a social media favorite; probably because of the awesome Aladdin inspired aesthetic, which is perfect for the 'gram!

You can check out the full menu here, and find out what else Aladdin Cafe is up to by following their Instagram. I wonder if they encourage dressing up?

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