There are many services that one in Texas could use for food.

Face it, we all sometimes get lazy here in The Lone Star State. We won't want go somewhere to pick up a certain item per say. So, we use a service to help us out.

Whether it be for groceries, or perhaps a ride somewhere, there is indeed a business out there that could assist. But what may worry some is that you may not know who is helping you out. There is a chance the person coming to help isn't who you think they are.

As it turns out, videos on social media have recently raised concerns about Door Dash and their drivers not being who they claim to be. Here's what is known.

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Door Dash Drivers Claiming To Be Female, When Actually Male

According to one video posted to Tik Tok, a woman with the username leadenim shared her experience when she ordered something via Door Dash. We warn some readers, some language in the video is NSFW:

As described by the individual, the driver didn't alert her that the food requested had been dropped. Instead, the driver waited outside for the person to come get the food. This isn't the first instance of this happening as well, posts to Reddit have also revealed other unknown persons doing the same thing.

So, it seems like this issue may appear in the state of Texas. Remember to be smart and safe Texas!

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