If there's one things Texas loves, it's certainly beef.

The Lone Star State is known for many things. We all know about the steakhouses in this state. How many times have you seen The Big Texan Steak Ranch mentioned, honestly?

But there is, of course, many different types of ways to eat beef in the state. One of the most well known ways is none other than the hamburger. According to Texas Monthly, the burger we all know and love to this day was made a reality in Athens, Texas.

But, as times change, everything has gotten more expensive, and food is no different. Where could one find a cheap Lone Star State burger? Thankfully, data for that exists.

Getting A Burger Cheaply In The State Of Texas

We turn to the Austin American-Statesman to help us with the data collected. Betway Insider discovered that certain cities were easier on the wallet, and some in Texas are included.

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So for finding cheaper burgers in the state of Texas, residents should turn to the cities San Antonio and Houston. San Antonio landed at sixth in the nation with a price average of $11.24, while Houston was placed at 8th with an average of $11.43.

But for those looked for the flip side of pricing, it turns out three cities in Texas have more expensive burger than some in the United States. El Paso was at sixth with a $15.01 average, Austin took seventh at $14.56, and Dallas was 10th at $13.68.

Long story short, is anybody hungry for a burger now?

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