Let's face it, Texas can be one strange state sometimes.

I mean, don't get us wrong, the Lone Star state is a wonderful, and as we all know, hot state to reside in. There's so much that makes this state one of the greatest to live in. But, it isn't without its silly moments.

We've all someone drive a car that we wonder how it is street legal, or somebody arguing over something trivial in a business. Things like that can become a daily occurrence depending on your area. But today instead of the silly things we think, how we look at holidays coming soon?

Yes, we all look forward to holidays, as they potentially mean a possible day off, but we have a feeling these celebrations would lead to much besides a chuckle.

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Let's Get Weird And Celebrate These Holidays Texas!

So according to National Today, there's a lot of holidays you may not know actually exist. Let's just look at few of our favorites shall we?

Jan 4th - National Spaghetti Day

Who doesn't love a big bowl of pasta? This is a great day to celebrate year-round honestly.

Jan 7th -  I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day

National Today states that this holiday is stick up for one's self. So basically it's to take out the bad items in your life, and to improve your overall well-being. We should all celebrate this honestly!

Jan 11th - Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day

Have to admit, this would be a neat party trick to perform wouldn't it?

Jan 13th - Make Your Dream Come True Day And National Rubber Ducky Day

Whatever the dream may be! Could be a trip somewhere, or buying that item you've always wanted. Also, who doesn't love rubber ducks?

These are just a few, and you can let us know your favorite holiday by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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