Texas, it's ok to admit we all get stressed at work right?

There's always one thing that could potentially tick us off too. It could be the amount of work we have to handle, the one coworker who's always annoying us, or we simply just aren't feeling it that day. So many reasons to list, but not enough time to mention them all.

For the most part, we do get through that stress and go home to relax for a bit, and the next day is always better. But not only one person has a stressful work day in the state. Turns out, many of us have that work stress too.

But, data has revealed that Texas might have some work to do improving the overall well-being of workers in the state.

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Comfort Of Texas Workers Worse Than Some Might Think


According to Wealth of Geeks, the Lone Star State isn't faring well in taking care of employee's. Data revealed the following about Texas workers. Wealth of Geeks reports that overall job satisfaction of 30.36 and 500 on the job fatalities, Texas isn't the safest for workers.

In addition to those issues, Texans reportedly have the second longest work week in the nation, clocking in at 43.6 hours. The Lone Star State landed second overall in worst for employee's health, only behind the state of Georgia, which was ranked at number one.

So, while it's a bit discouraging at the moment, there's room for improvement!

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