Recently, the state of Texas has joined, with other states in the nation, a lawsuit against the founder and chief executive of the Women's Cancer Fund, Gregory Anderson. Here are the details we know at the time of writing.

Early Revealed Case Details

As reported by Reuters, A Houston federal court received a complaint against the Women's Cancer Fund. The grievance alleges the phone solicitors hired by the charity, as well as the previously mentioned founder, Gregory Anderson, fabricated the idea of the money collected was going to assist various reasons. Causes mentioned included assistance with patient's food, rent and utilities.

The money was also alleged to "help save lives," as Reuters states. Further allegations revealed that some contributors were alleged to have obtained cards from the organization thanking them for their donation. In these reported cards, Anderson claimed he had cancer in the year of 1984, getting through the disease.

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Where Anderson Allegedly Sent The Donations


Reuters reveals the complaint states that Anderson is alleged to have, instead of sending the donations to help the mentioned patients, taken the money for other means.

The complaint states that Anderson allegedly gave $15.55 million to his fundraisers, and took $775,000 personally. $194,809 is the reported amount of money that went to the causes mentioned previously. The FTC's Consumer Protection Bureau also stated, via their director Samuel Levine:

"Cancer Recovery Foundation International and Anderson abused the generosity of American donors in the most egregious way."

At the time of writing, Anderson has yet to respond. As this is a developing story, we will have more information as it becomes available.

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