There's one thing residents of Texas need to do when they wake up: eat breakfast!

Some of us aren't the best at eating a complete breakfast though. Many of us are running late to work and can't eat something, or we just decide to go to work on an empty stomach. But some of us grab something quick and then hustle to work.

It could be a bagel, or a microwavable sandwich perhaps. The classic bowl of any cereal is a choice if one has time. But, most of take a packet of Pop-Tarts.

There's so many flavors of the toaster strudel though. Which one could Texas love the most? Well, thankfully data does exist!

What Is The Favorite Pop-Tart Flavor Of Texas?

To discover the top tart, we turn to Casino Lovers, with help from CW33. First, the data about Pop-Tarts themselves.


According to the data, 26% of Americans admitted they chow down on Pop-Tarts seven times a month. In addition, people in eight different states said they have the pastry every day! Which is a lot of Pop-Tarts to say the least.

But we're not here to talk about how often people eat them, we're here to see which is the Lone Star Favorite. So here's the delicious moment. Texas of course has a favorite flavor, and it matches other states too!

As shown by the data, the number one flavor of Pop-Tart in Texas is none other than...Frosted Cherry! Other states have that flavor as their favorite is Alaska, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

So one more question, who's hungry for a Pop-Tart?

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